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The garden at the centre of the world should be familiar as the Garden of Eden. This could be Gula-Bau and a consort, offering up the fruit of knowledge:. In Egypt, Virgo was symbolised by two figures: Isis holding a sistrum with Set standing behind her.

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Isis was known as Aset to the ancient Egyptians and was the goddess of fertility, magic and motherhood. Set was responsible for killing Osiris, the husband of Isis, and the sistrum was a magical musical instrument that was shaken to ward him off.

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After Set killed Osiris, Isis searched for his dismembered body in order to bring him back from the dead so she could conceive Horus. This myth links Virgo to the death and resurrection of Osiris which was associated with bringing fertility to the land. As the god of the underworld, Osiris is often shown with grain sprouting from his dead body.

I am barley, I am not destroyed. The alchemy of life coming from death is mirrored in the making of beer and bread. To the ancient Egyptians, bread and beer were more than just food , they were also seen as spiritual nourishment for the dead in the underworld. The bread and beer of Osiris would later become the bread and wine of the Christian Eucharist.

Meanwhile, Seshat was the goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing. In ancient Greece, Artemis was a virgin moon goddess of the hunt. She was chaste and fiercely independent and merciless towards any man who offended her. Artemis can be linked back to earlier goddesses under the name Mistress of Animals see Leo Myths , and to Celtic goddesses of various names, such as Elen of the Ways , often depicted with antlers.

Elen is associated with the migratory routes of reindeer and acts as guardian of the ancient track ways known as ley lines — a possible link to Mercury.

Meanwhile, Demeter was the goddess of the harvest, sacred laws, and the cycle of life and death. Demeter presided over the Eleusinian Mysteries that date back to the pre-Olympian gods, i. The story goes that after Persephone disappeared, Demeter searched for her and refused to allow anything to grow until she found her.

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The land died so the other gods staged an intervention to help Demeter get her daughter back. But because she had eaten some pomegranate seeds, she had to stay with Hades for part of each year. The myth symbolises the turning of the seasons, and the Eleusinian Mysteries are said to reveal the secrets of immortality through this cyclical renewal. Demeter is often depicted holding grain in one hand and a torch in the other as she searches in the dark for Persephone. Mother and maiden are bound together and their fates are intertwined.

Demeter stood for the harvest and Persephone symbolised spring. But both goddesses also symbolised death: Demeter after she laid waste to the land in her grief, and Persephone after she was taken into the realm of the dead. Life perpetuates itself through the cycles of death and rebirth, and each moment births the next in an unending cycle of interconnection and interdependence.

Virgo is a contradictory and paradoxical sign and it can be hard to embody opposites like virgin and harlot, or fertile and barren, or mother and maiden. It was originally applied to unmarried women , including mothers. I am the honoured one and the scored one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin. I am the mother and the daughter. I am the members of my mother. I am the barren one and many are her sons.

I am she whose wedding is great, and I have not taken a husband. So being a virgin has nothing to do with chastity or remaining sexually intact. The idea of the chaste virgin, sealed off from the world, has more to do with the fear of women and sex that comes from our Christian inheritance in Western culture. Virginity according to this worldview is seen as a way to keep yourself apart and separate — an avoidance or rejection of life and the body and its desires.

But virgin really means self-possessed or self-contained. A virgin is a free woman or any person who follows her own morality based on inner integrity rather than the laws imposed by society. This also applies to the prostitutes who served the Great Harlot in her temples. The true meaning of harlotry is about being open to the flow of life and trusting the natural order. To live fully you must be willing to engage with life and allow experience to change you. Living like that or trying to is a denial of life and will tend to invite a rebalancing correction that erupts from the depths, like Hades.

If you want to live, you have to get your hands dirty. This means that Virgo needs to express its gifts and talents in a practical way. You have to do something real in the world to manifest who you are without losing your inner integrity. But to do that, the maiden has to die.

Persephone has to go into the underworld and lose her perfection as maiden. To create anything — a book, a song, a life — it has to be brought into reality, and that means the creation becomes less perfect than the original idea that inspired it. Having said that, this animation of the Mother God by the brilliant Nina Paley comes pretty close to perfection…. Life is a messy business, and Virgo is always practical and down to earth.

Are you in or are you out? This full moon in your zone of extremes is ready to move you out of the gray area. The eighth house rules joint ventures, and this one could bring a proposal to the table—both in business and love. Could you merge your resources and talents for mutual gain? But tread carefully: This full moon will form a dicey square to calculating Pluto in your dramatic fifth house.

A drama-queen type could push your buttons and stir up conflict right when you need to stay focused. Careful not to take the bait, especially since these lunar beams can cause potent emotions to erupt like a volcano!

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With the full moon in your erotic eighth house pinging clandestine Pluto in your house of passionate desires, an attraction might heat up—but will it take you into complicated terrain? When in doubt, steer clear of making any hard-to-undo decisions, even though this full moon is pushing for them. Besides, on October 23, Scorpio season begins, and a lot of the picture will start to fill in. For the next month, the Sun will heat up your third house of communication, sparking productive conversations and filling your social calendar. Your mind is hungry for intel, making this a great time to sign up for a course or lecture.

On October 27, the Scorpio new moon could spark an idea or dialogue that sets the wheels in motion.

Over the next six months, a germ of a concept could turn into a viral media project or creative collaboration. Under these moonbeams, you could meet a kindred spirit type and decide to explore the synergy, testing your chemistry on a joint project. The third house rules neighborhoods, and this new moon could send you on a search for a community that suits your vibe or off to explore fresh local terrain instead of hitting the same old haunts.

Instead of ditching your friends, be proactive and rally everyone for something new, like a fall weekend getaway at an Airbnb or a music festival. Be careful about giving advice and opinions today, as your words could be taken out of context. Adopt this cautious policy for a longer stretch starting October 31, when your ruling planet, Mercury—the galactic governor of communication, technology and travel—turns retrograde in Scorpio until November Start your prevention plans earlier in the month: back up your digital data, re-confirm any travel plans and make sure all of your collaborators are crystal-clear on instructions.

Hold off on launching anything during this period and use Mercury retrograde as your test kitchen to tweak and perfect your plans. With love planets Venus and Mars promenading together through Libra and your second house of finances and stability—and you being a Virgo—security is an undeniably sexy quality in a mate or date. Since this sector rules income and how you earn it, sparks could fly with a coworker or someone you meet through a work-related event.

Mars is here all month and stays until November 19 , heating up the passion and, simultaneously, money or security issues. It may be hard to distinguish between legit fears and unfounded anxiety. You may need to work with a therapist or financial pro to help you sort through the layers of emotions. If your partner shares your concerns, they are NOT the person to discuss this with!

On October 8, sensual Venus enters Scorpio and your social and experimental third house. If things have grown a bit stagnant or you or your mate has gotten indulgent, mix it up! Creatrix Venus in this sector draws you out of any ruts and will leave you yearning for variety. Never underestimate the power of a little novelty and levity to bring the sparkle back. Key Dates: October Venus-Uranus opposition The most innocent comment or simplest utterance could change the course of a relationship when disruptor Uranus opposes the love planet in your communication sector today.

Looking for a new gig?

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Use it to talk yourself up or go network. Astute Scorpio will lend your already well-chosen words more power and import, so make use of this articulate energy. Send out the pitch, make the important phone calls, schedule the face to face, apply for the grant. Virgo and Capricorn are a sweetly matched pair that can become wholly devoted to one another. Neither wants a fly-by-night affair and will instantly pick up on the earthy depth as promising for a long-term relationship.

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  • Both need the reassurance of respect. Both find loyalty and enduring love a big draw. As two of the life's work-oriented Zodiac signs , Virgo and Capricorn might meet on the job or at a conference. Fulfilling work is a priority, and here's another area where there's mutual support.

    The particulars of life make these two swoon, though they might not show it on the outside. Talk on dates revolves around strategies for actualizing goals, or in Virgo's case, self-improvement. Capricorn puts out stellar PR and inspires Virgo to be bold — not self-deprecating — with the way they present their gifts to the world. Virgo intuits the Goat's desire to achieve and can be the number one fan.

    Capricorn and Virgo Love Compatibility

    Capricorn feels supported by Virgo's desire to serve and finds their practical advice very helpful. Capricorn's intense drive shows Virgo how to envision a master plan, encompassing all their interests. When both have meaty careers that make their days full, they can sink into a rhythm of productivity that works. Having that rhythm in place actually makes both of these signs more relaxed! One difference here is that Virgo doesn't give a fig often about status, while Capricorn eyes the top of the social heap.