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Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! Your Horoscope by Susan Miller While you speak to your partner, you might notice a conflict for dominance.

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New Articles from Susan. It could be that both of you are trying to gain control of the relationship. With Mars at loggerheads with Pluto, if this relationship is meaningful, you may want to show that you are flexible, and give in on one or two points. If you push too hard, this relationship is likely to break into a thousand pieces, and no one will be able to put it back together again. When you can predict the script and the circular talks that never bring a satisfactory conclusion, you know it would be the time to leave.

You are dealing with heavy-duty cosmic forces, so if you want this relationship to last, use a soft, gloved hand.

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Otherwise, accept the inevitable and part and free yourself for a loving partner, or in a business relationship, more trustworthy. Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! Your Horoscope by Susan Miller While you speak to your partner, you might notice a conflict for dominance. If you would like to lose weight, with Jupiter in the sixth house, where you are hosting this planet of happiness, prosperity and health now, you have Jupiter in the very best place of the horoscope for you to meet your goals.

I have done research on weight loss in astrology, and found Jupiter in the sixth house is the finest place you could ever wish to have Jupiter to help you to lose weight effectively. Once you lose the weight if that is a goal, you will likely remain at your new, lower weight because Jupiter will teach you to eat nutritiously and to practice portion control.

Rather, plan to lose weight the slow and steady way, for that will bring you to the weight you want to be. You will enjoy your food more than you did previously, even though you will be eating less - possibly because you will actually taste how delicious unprocessed food actually is to eat. The luckiest day of the year this year will be September 25 for everyone, when Jupiter in Libra will be conjunct the Sun. Everyone will experience good fortune in different ways.

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On this day, the mighty Sun will take the gifts of Jupiter and multiply them so that you have outstanding, uncommonly good fortune. For you, dear Libra, use this date to consult with a doctor or to plan a medical procedure if your doctor tells you that you need one. You can use September 22, 23, 26 or 27, too. Or, make this day your start date to end a habit you know is detrimental to your health. Alternatively, you might join a gym and sign up to a fitness class or hire a personal trainer. You can also use the luckiest day of the year, September 25, a Sunday in a different way.

This day has an aura influence that stretches from September , so schedule a job interview. If you need to hire people, this would also be a great time to interview candidates. Later in the week, on September 30, you will have one of the most tender, happy new moons of , perfect for initiations on all the areas discussed so far. This fortunate day would also be ideal to wed, as the new moon will be in marriage-minded Libra.

For that you need a favorable new moon in your tenth house of professional advancement.

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Astoundingly, in this magical year, you will have that new moon on February 8. From February 8 and in the 10 days that follow, you can open talks for a highly prestigious new job. February will be your best month of the year to start to schedule your interviews with VIPS.

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In case a call comes through for you, get ready in January by streamlining your resume and CV, and by carefully editing your portfolio, if you are creative. In February, after the new moon arrives, your chart will be sensational for career growth. Read job listings, talk with your headhunter, friends and colleagues for tips of emerging jobs because you will want to know about them before notice of these openings ever reach the business press.

If you are the member of a professional organization, attend meetings in January to see if you can get street information from other members about what is happening in the marketplace. Uranus surprise and Saturn stability will both send comforting vibrations to this new moon of February 8, all very positive for you. Later in the year, at the full moon in Aquarius on August 17, plus or minus four days, you may hear amazing news about your career.

Although the middle of August is a popular time for vacations, be sure to be at home base for that is when the offer is likely to come through. A friend may be instrumental in getting you the opportunity. Pluto will be supportive too, to the full moon so the job may bring you into an international arena. You will find another phase of that will support your ambition to assume a bigger title.

That will be when Mars enters Aquarius and will tour your prestigious house of professional advancement from November 9 to December 16, Your work may receive positive publicity in the press, or praise from your boss or from fans that are enthusiastic about your work if you are a public figure. Always come armed with more than one idea, in case the first one does not interest the important person you are meeting.

Consider taking your holiday any time from September 27 to November 9, and consider going to a beautiful, mountainous area in your country or abroad. Mars will amp up your enthusiasm to be out of town, and it looks like you will find an affordable package that will take you across many miles.

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Finances will need tending in With Saturn present, it may take you longer than you assume to pay the loan back. Saturn, the great teacher, will remain in your financial house to teach you the value of money and to show you alternative ways to spend, save, and spend it more wisely from now until December Mars will spend a great deal of time in your financial house this year while Mars retrogrades, from March 5 to September 27, , with the exception of May 30 to August 2 when Mars will duck into Scorpio. This amounts to five months of emphasis on money, whether held with others such as with a spouse, friend, or from an estate that you inherited, or with a bank, credit card company or other institution.