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Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 4 exact adress which describes the atmosphere of the national monument itself: The exact position of the National monument is located in the 2 Venus signs Libra and Taurus.

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Air sign Libra as the sign of the midpoint of the zodiac and of the balance of its two halves is relates to the topic of measuring out the exact balance at the midpoint between tthe 4 directions. Earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth and main indicator for the land itself stands for the ground and land itself.

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The combination of these two signs make the situation of the overall teritory appear relatively harmonious Libra and stable Taurus. Related Post.

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Natal Planets

OK Mehr Information. It works on a slightly higher level, with a purpose to understand fluctuations of the society in general, political and financial changes and the situation in a country and its relation to neighbors and the rest of the world.

Mundane Astrology | Meaning of Mundane Astrology

We are all influenced by mundane events and everything our country is going through. Throughout history, the common use of Astrology meant using either Mundane or Horary Astrology.

It came down to two basic archetypes, the Moon representing the people, and the Sun representing the government or the ruler. The only natal chart interpreted was the chart of the ruler, and events would be recognized in it as well, since the ruler represented the country her ruled.


In time, the image of Mundane Astrology we know today was built into our way to interpret general flows of the human race and life as we know it. The most important celestial bodies in Mundane Astrology are transcendent planets, or those that orbit beyond Saturn, the last visible planet in the Solar system.

What is Mundane Astrology?/मेदिनी ज्योतिष क्या है?

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move in much slower cycles and often point to the way one entire system breathes in and out throughout time. This is why their role in mundane events is incredibly important and obvious in any large moves, changes or conflicts. General planetary positioning will speak of general issues in the world, and each country will have its own natal chart, defined by the time it formed. Each country can also be seen through the chart of its ruler, for the ruler becomes the representative of the entire state and loses his or hers basic individual role.