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Every day is a surprise but you can forecast in advance the general trend of the month of October. Every sign of the Zodiac is gifted with different characteristics which set it apart from the others. The 12 signs are all different and particular and are simply waiting to be discovered! Enter the section dedicated to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac: you will learn everything there is to know about the 12 Signs of the Zodiac!

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Home Page. Sign Up. The Winning Numbers Horoscope for today, October 9, We also talk about The weekly Tarot Reading: reveal your destiny! Live and let live. You're a pretty pair, attracted to the other's good looks and charm. The courtship phase has all your favorite trimmings: massive bouquets delivered to your office, iPod mixes of your favorite angsty love songs, sonnets inspired by your affection. Leo and Libra are two of the zodiac's most romantic signs, and you love everything to be pleasant and harmonious on the surface.

The challenge comes when it's time to get real. Rather than show your unpleasant humanity, you coat issues in saccharine, avoiding touchy topics to keep the happy vibes flowing. However, the artificial sweetness soon leaves a bitter aftertaste, especially for Leo. The Lion is a Fire sign, with a much more passionate disposition than cooler Air-sign Libra. Leo is pushy, Libra procrastinates, and you can get caught in a dance of anger as a result.

When truly upset, the Lion roars. Libra can bellow right back, but he's more likely to withhold attention, the thing that Leo most craves. Leo's demands for affection, praise and validation can drain Libra after a while. Dramatic highs and lows tip Libra's scales off balance, inciting a passive-aggressive backlash. It starts with locked doors and escalates into Internet porn or even affairs if Leo doesn't get the hint. You may be better off as friends if you can't get beyond this impasse.

This combustible combination drips with power plays, a white-hot dynamic you find infuriating and sexy in equal measure. In many ways, you're complete opposites. Secretive Scorpio is a private soul who rules the night. Leo is an exhibitionist ruled by the sun, and his piercing rays expose Scorpio's hidden shadows. Scorpio hates to feel this vulnerable—especially in public—yet, behind closed doors it can be thrilling. You're both passionate and imaginative in bed, with very little you won't try. As business partners and collaborators, you can make a dream team, too.

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You're both super intense, outdoing most people with your drive and focus. Leo plays the glamorous showstopper, and Scorpio acts as producer behind the scenes. At least you don't compete for the spotlight, which can be a saving grace.

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But you'll struggle for the upper hand, since Scorpio likes to be in control and Leo is the bossy ruler of the jungle. Flirtatious, charismatic Leo can also spark Scorpio's jealous streak. Remember: darkness absorbs light. Leo must be careful not to get swept into Scorpio's powerful undertow and vengeful obsessions. This is a lively match of two compatible Fire signs, filled with fun and adventure. As lifelong learners, you both juggle many projects and interests, often running on fumes.

While neither of you is around to keep the home fires burning, conversation and creativity are far more important to you than starched linens and home-cooked meals. You'd rather enjoy takeout from your favorite ethnic restaurant when the fridge gets empty, or sleep under the stars when you run out of clean sheets.

Living on the edge is fun, as long as you don't fall off the cliff, especially with finances. During stressful times, you can exhaust each other, as you both can be emotionally demanding and dramatic. Leo needs more personal attention and praise than Sagittarius, but the truthful Archer doesn't give false compliments. He should learn to sing Leo's praises, if only to prevent time-consuming emotional meltdowns. Consider the benefits: a little acknowledgment keeps Leo purring for days, and gives Sagittarius uninterrupted time to read, start businesses, edit his documentary film.

When life gets routine, mix it up with a spur-of-the-moment road trip, a long hike or a night at a decadent boutique hotel. You're insatiably attracted, but you often end up hurting each other through a series of misunderstandings and ego battles. Leo is ruled by the confident Sun, Capricorn by self-doubting Saturn. That's just the start of your differences. Leo is a starry-eyed Fire sign who believes that anything can be achieved by sheer willpower and the refusal to take "no" for an answer. Capricorn is a traditional Earth sign, equally ambitious, but rarely willing to color outside the lines.


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He approaches life like a steady Mountain Goat, taking tentative steps toward his ten-year goals. Your different pacing could drive you both mad. Although loyal Capricorn is usually the stalwart partner in relationships, Leo is far more devoted in this match. Lusty Capricorn is mostly interested in sex. While you'll have plenty of hot romps, Leo can mistake Capricorn's physical attraction for love. The Lion must perform due diligence, and assume nothing. Unlike Leo, Capricorn's love is hard-won, not something he hands out like candy to Trick-or-Treaters.

Then, there's the cheerleading that grates on the Goat. Leo urges Cap to believe in himself, which the Goat laughs off as fluff ripped straight from a cheesy self-help tome. Yet, lo! Instead of congratulating Leo, war is declared: Capricorn scoffs at Leo's dreams, and Leo sets out to prove Capricorn wrong "I'll show you! Before long, you stay together just to spite each other. What's the point? These opposite signs can be volatile match.

Leo is the sign of the self, a born star and showstopper who commands attention wherever he goes.

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Aquarius rules the zodiac's eleventh house of groups and society—he's both the class president and its rabble-rousing radical. You're competitive spotlight-grabbers who can fight dirty, especially as you jostle to outdo each other. The Year of the Yellow Boar promises the sign representatives a lot of new projects and heights that they can conquer due to their strong character. In the affairs of love Leo do not rush things.

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Try to enjoy what nave. For hardworking Virgos, the coming year will be a time of struggle for their opinions and life position. You will have to repeatedly defend your point of view and fight for justice, both at work and in your personal life. But who, if not you, knows that success will not be easy. Barriers and difficulties will harden you and make you stronger. The most successful period for resolving financial issues will be the first half of the year.

At this time it is necessary to plan the decision of important matters, such as the purchase of real estate or a serious investment. Right now, it will be easy for representatives of this sign to find like-minded people and enlist the support of reliable partners. But beware of gossip. Now they can seriously harm Libra's reputation.

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Do not aggravate the attention of envious and detractors on your successes, so as not to give them too much reason to rumor about you. Remember that happiness loves silence. The Year of the Pig will be successful for Scorpios in real estate matters. The first decade of the year will be the most favorable time for solving housing issues. In the field of personal relations, representatives of the star sign are advised to be as open and sincere as possible.

Since your silence and closeness inherent in the representatives of this sign, can be the main reasons for quarrels and disagreements. In career issues Sagittarius will be successful. Therefore, you can safely take up new projects, use new opportunities. Some representatives of this sign will even be able to radically change their profession. But over-busy career issues can cause misunderstandings and conflicts with your loved one.

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  • So try to devote more time to your partner and often delight your loved one with pleasant surprises. The coming year for Capricorns is a great time to implement long-standing plans. You have enough time and effort for this. The only thing that can become a barrier on the way is your own laziness. And so do not go with her in the wake - spend every minute with good use, and very soon find yourself at the intended summit. In love affairs this year will bring Capricorns many changes. And first of all - internal changes. To establish a personal life, representatives of the sign should decide what they want in a relationship.

    Year of the Pig for Aquarius - a great time to change their lives for the better. The main thing is to revise life orientations. This year, many representatives of the mark will discover new facets and talents.