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National Reach, Local Expertise. Media Made Easy. The good and bad news is that it all depends on you! Relational communication is optimal, and can be turned to exchange, solutions and smiles to be born. The Sun is still in a virgin, a sign of earth and therefore focused on concrete, the words are not in the air and the measure is to put: it is simply turned to the positive! The sky is as realistic as optimistic, and who opens his heart will see the light. The one who leaves it closed, even if it is only for protection or fear, may not feel this beautiful energy.

But there may be a shine before making us leave this period If you're afraid, imagine it's just a ghost train tour Saturn doesn't have his same to play with the concept of reality, beat it to his own game! Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 17 au 23 septembre. We find the learning aspect between Neptune and Jupiter that accompanied us all by already training twice in our sky Neptune wants to high, again and again, and sail away from reality, leaves to go through artificial paradise.

Jupiter wants luck and expansion, leaves to be in the avoiding failure by staying stubborn in his comfort zone where his ego of God of the gods is already feeling a solid seat. They have found some common grounds This long dance between Neptune and Jupiter allowed us to learn to take time, often supported by the presence of Saturn in Capricorn who tried as well as bad to make us mature.

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The Black moon is not far away We carry in us dreams that are not dream, and gave us the opportunity to sort out what was from the order of free fantasy or a mission of fulfillment with a little courage It is like a river where you can reflect yourself as you really are, and that reveals you a real beauty, a soothing presence of you for you. If you find garbage floating in this river, whether they have been laid down by your doubts, your lack of confidence in yourself, or by tests or betrayal The energy of the virgin invites you to contact the purity of your soul and honor it.

Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 10 au 16 septembre.

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Invente ton ciel is feeling motivated. Supported by the breath of the renewal of Uranus as a bull, will you have healthy limits in your life? Otherwise, keep reading the movements of the stars of the week!

February 25 Birthday Horoscope

The Association that dominates this week is March and the sun, offering us a exciting motivation that you will feel in you As soon as you find yourself on a profitable and fulfilling path of expansion Your ambition can be felt, and it is a beautiful energy to use to feed your dreams. We begin the third and last annual dance of Jupiter and Neptune, who whisper to us to believe in us while pressing all our doubts to lift them When the sun is reflected in the ocean it can give an impression of artistic blur, dazzling, hypnotic The great challenge of this year is to serve your dreams in the most effective way, which is dear to the virgin: looking at reality in front.

And this week, you will find a good dose of energy in the stars to make a giant leap in this quest. Can you take advantage of it by using obstacles, real or imaginary - your fears -, to your advantage? Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 3 au 9 septembre. The Astrology appointments will resume at the beginning of the year!

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Invente ton ciel Podcast Episode Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 9 au 15 juillet. The Famous Eclipse of July 2th has arrived!

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  • It makes you travel deep the energies of the sign of cancer, a journey in your belly, in the heart of your authentic and sacred donations. Venus will join the sun in cancer on Wednesday, and will add a good dose of tenderness that it is not forbidden to use from you to you It's an ideal configuration to overcome yourself, dare success and serve its ambitions.

    Carried by the energy of cancer that will help your ego stay focused on its accuracy, you will have everything you need to become the creator inspired by your dream life A stronger self-confidence is at the end of the way! Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 2 au 8 juillet. A total eclipse takes place in the sky of July 2th Take your creator into the pure water source of cancer, and let yourself be guided by the meditation offered by the magnetic fanaha to cross this portal, close a cycle and open a new one Continue your reading for a recap of the week's movements of the week!

    It's the last week before the first astral eclipse of the summer! It means it's time to close what has been in the heart of your life in the last few months, before starting a new cycle. If an obvious theme does not emerge, take the time to feel what evolutions were present in you: what happened and what did you learn? Writing it can help to make a form of balance sheet. And there is a step that we often forget: that of gratitude. Take the time to thank you for being such a good life companion for you, who is doing his best to achieve his goals and surf on everything that happens to him Intellectual creativity is on, and you can repeat ideas to transform your life into a perpetual party: with its adventures, yes, but a party anyway!

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    The Summer Solstice has just passed, and it's a true anthem to life. Summer is the season of joy in traditional Chinese medicine, and no matter the movement of the stars, it's always a time to connect to it. When a retrograde planet, its functions are suddenly turned more indoors than indoors.

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    For Mercury, this is everything that revolves around communication, language, mind. So it will be time to connect to yourself, meditate but also question its inner quests as mercury will downgrade in the sign of the lion, which can be seen as an energy of quest for the grail. As you approach this demotion, you start to feel and collect signs and synchronicities that will show you clues and keys to guess on which button this demotion will press in you. This will last until November 27th.

    For slow planets like the East Neptune, the demotion is mostly felt at the beginning and end of movement, when the energies are reverse. When Neptune Retrograde in its sign, the one of the fish, its natural energy is only more marked. Neptune and the fish are strongly related to dreams. And who says dream, says ideal, sometimes says disappointment If this happens to you, know that it is simply a sign that it is not by this path that you will realize your dream, but another one is always possible!

    The Vesta Vesta, which represents the sacred fire of our potential, radiates at the moment close to Uranus, planet of change, in the Sign of the bull. What potential do you have the ability to re connect to? Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 25 juin au 1er juillet.

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    Invente Ton Ciel : Du 18 au 24 juin. During the full moon of June 17, between Jupiter and Neptune is a special dance Listen to your reality to believe in your deep dreams, and find out how to break up dramatic circles in your life to focus on making sense to your presence in the world! So, do you love yourself enough to say your truth?