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Exaltation: None. Gemini Symbol - Definition Gemini makes up one of the twelve 'houses' or signs of the astrological wheel.

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Each of the twelve houses represents the position of the heavens at the time of a persons birth. As well as a birth sign such as Gemini, an element is also attributed to a person when they are born, either Earth, Fire, Water or Air.

Its Origin and Meaning in Astrology

It is believed that each one of the zodiac signs represents a particular part of the human body. The Zodiac symbol for Gemini relates to the arms and shoulders. Gemini Personality Traits Those born under the zodiac symbol of Gemini are considered to have the following personality traits:. Prone to mood swings! Quick witted. Anxious Nature.

Gemini Sign Traits Overview

Can become restless. Good Communicators. Interested in their surroundings. Gemini Symbol - Facts.

Geminis is the the head sign of the Air Triplicity. The best companions for Gemini are those born in Aquarius and Virgo. People born in this sign often have dark hair and bright complexions. The Gemini Symbol is governed by Mercury. Gemini Symbol gems are Aqua-Marine and any dark blue stones.

Gemini Zodiac Sign | Learn Astrology Guide To Your Natal Chart

Diseases and ailments that often affect those born under this symbol include throat and lung problems as well as diseases of the nervous system. Faults of Gemini include being extremists and their anxious nature can also cause problems. Gemini Symbol - Definition. Meaning of Gemini Symbol.

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The word curious comes often to mind when we talk about the energy of Gemini. On the positive side, Gemini energies gives it's recipient great flexibility, hence the mutable nature of the sign, in that it can jump around from concept to concept or person to person in a second. In many ways the sign is not emotional but it is intellectual.

This can be one of the failings associated with Gemini energies in that it can lack some kind of depth because the mind is never settled on one area. Whatever is over the horizon is always that bit more interesting than that which is in front of the Gemini right now.

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Gemini energy, like that of the youth, can find it hard to stay in the present moment and complete something, because there is so much out there that just seems so much more appealing. This is often the great issue for a Gemini, in that he needs to stick with one thing long enough to make it manifest in the world, it's just too easy to start something and then go off and leave it half finsihed.

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People with Gemini energy can be great linguists, speakers, communicators, inventors, comedians and socialites amongst other things. They excel in linking events and people together. In this way they would be ideal to run companies such as dating agencies or personnel recruitment.

On the shadow side of Gemini they can be big talkers who don't achieve anything or they can have their heads in the clouds and not be practical. They may also find it difficult to be emotional. The most compatible zodiac signs with Gemini are generally considered to be Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius and the least compatible zodiac signs Virgo and Pisces.