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July Horoscopes & Cosmic Playlists ~ Chani Nicholas

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Get the Stitcher App Take your podcasts on-the-go! Download The Free App. Chani Nicholas is queer culture.

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In a community that cares fervently about both social justice and our star sign compatibility with our summer lovers, Nicholas is the homing beacon for virtually every conversation queer astrology lovers are having in Her horoscopes are both loving reads of the stars and urgent calls to action for immigrant rights, net neutrality, Black Lives Matter, and more. She writes our identities into the stars in ways no one else has ever done.

Nicholas is a great example for those of us in untraditional working realms that want to use our skills for social change. Any queer person who finds a way to show kindness, compassion, or care for themselves and others in a world that systematically shows them the opposite is my queer hero.

Chani Nicholas

Be full: Fully expressed. Fully realized. My go-to comfort food is whipped cream.

Lots of it. I could probably live on English trifle.

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